Lasagne by Sainsbury’s

Where From? Sainsburys
Available in the Freezer Aisle at Larger Stores

It does not matter if it’s night or day – I am usually thinking about pasta and how I plan to give into my craving that week. Thanks to Sainsbury’s, lasagne is often the way I celebrate carb cheat day. After much taste testing, I’ve come to the conclusion that theirs is the most flavourful and satisfying ready made free from lasagne on the market. Their lasagne sheet to sauce ratio is unbeatable, while those available in other major supermarkets tend to short-change on the latter. Sainsbury’s now offer a dairy free version of their trusty gluten free lasagne too, so those of you who are milk free do not have to go without! Grab yours from Sainsbury’s today, either in-store or online and be sure to cook it until golden brown on top (or, certainly for longer than the instructions on the packaging suggest).

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