Protein Noodles by Oomi

Where From? Oomi
Available Online via Major Supermakets

Luckily for us non gluten eaters, rice noodles have always been a product we can enjoy when it comes to Asian cuisine. However, I’ve always pined for a more substantial noodle when prepping Chinese food at home, after years of indulging in the egg variety. Thanks to Oomi, my prayers have been answered in the form of a high protein, gluten free noodle. Not only is the consistency highly reminiscent of traditional egg noodles, they are jam packed full of protein and have 75% less carbs than regular noodles too. The secret to these is fish protein – but don’t be put off. These noodles have no fish taste whatsoever and are perfect in a stir fry or smothered in black bean sauce. Grab yours in a handy snap pack online via Tesco, Ocado or Morrisons.

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