Biscuits by Honest Bakery

Where From? Honest Bakery
Available across Ireland and Northern Ireland

Thanks to my massive sweet tooth, I get a daily pang at 4pm for a treat to accompany my cup of tea. I am therefore always on the hunt for a new gluten free biscuit or cake and so having the opportunity to try a range of products from Honest Bakery was a real pleasure. Honest Bakery is a family business based in Ireland which handmakes the crunchiest biscuits I have ever tried. I currently can’t choose between the Cranberry and White Chocolate and Chocolate Chip and Oat flavours – both are delicious. All made with love, these biscuits call for Irish Creamery Butter and that does not go amiss! You can find Honest Bakery products via a number of stockists in Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as in the bakery itself, which is located in Roscommon.

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