Sweet Potato Fries By Chloe

Where From? Eat by Chloe
Available in Locations Across the US and Soon London!

While I have always been a fan of all things potato-related, nothing really beats fries. Lately, I’ve been partial to the sweet potato variety which not only sit better with me but are an incredibly tasty side to any dish or a perfect snack on their own. Getting to sample By Chloe’s famous air baked sweet potato fries when recently back in Boston was a real treat and I was pleasantly surprised to see they taste as good in real life as the copious amount of Instagram posts flying around suggests. Available in the Los Angeles, New York and Boston locations of this vegan junk-food haven, these fries will soon be available to UK sweet potato enthusiasts. By Chloe are opening their first overseas branch this autumn in Central London’s Covent Garden area, with a 100% vegan menu featuring a number of gluten free options. Are you as excited as me?

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