Chickpea Pasta by Peaz

Where From? Peaz
Available Via the Company’s Website

Any of you currently browsing on my website or following me on Instagram will know that I absolutely worship pasta. Thankfully, the transition from gluten full to gluten free was not a challenge in this respect, given there are so many different free from brands on the market. However, we all know pasta is carb heavy and too much of it definitely is not conducive to a healthy, balanced diet. I am thrilled therefore, to have been introduced to Peaz: a rather revolutionary protein-full pasta made from chickpeas. Developed by former London street food vendor Raphel Strauss, this pasta contains nearly half the carbs of regular pasta and is vegan, soy free and tastes delicious. One word of warning – it cooks a lot faster than the gluten free pasta many of you will be used to so beware of overcooking! Peaz only take 3 minutes and 30 seconds in boiling water to become al dente and 4 minutes to be well done. Order yours directly via the Peaz website, where you’ll find macaroni and fusilli versions too!

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