Food Journal by The Food Diary Co.

Where From? The Food Diary Co.
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Since discovering I could not eat gluten, my journey has most certainly not been smooth sailing. As hard as I try, and as careful as I am with labels and checks in restaurants, I sometimes suffer from stomach pains, headaches and more after eating. Thanks to The Food Diary Co, I’ve been able to keep on top of what I eat, when I eat it and whatever symptoms might occur as a result. Founder Laura was in the exact same position as me a few years ago after she received her coeliac diagnosis and so developed this stylish, discreet and easy portable food diary to track food and a whole host of well being statistics, including sleep, medicine intake, stress and more. The pages are undated and so anyone who wants to grab one can start tracking straight away on not only a daily basis but in the form of a monthly round-up too so connections can be made between flare ups and possible triggers. Grab your own diary via The Food Diary Co website to start taking control of your gut!

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