Pizza by Joe Public

Where From? Joe Public
Available at Clapham Common

London is full of gluten free pizza options nowadays but arguably most of the offerings are from chains. Therefore, coming across an independent pizzeria which has something for us too is an exciting discovery. While you’ll find Joe Public in what used to be the old lavatories at Clapham Common Underground, this refurbished eatery gives off no “toilet vibe” whatsoever. Pull up a stool at the long bar, order a glass of wine and take your pick from the entire menu of pizza flavours which can all be made on a crispy gluten free 14-inch base. Be sure to ask for no crispy shallots as they are the restaurant’s only gluten-containing topping. All pizzas are cut safely in their own box with a dedicated gluten free pizza slicer, so eat in peace and enjoy!

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