White Artisan Loaf by Newburn Bakehouse

Where From? Newburn Bakehouse
Available in major supermarkets across the UK

Bread is incredibly difficult to get right, gluten free or not. All of you reading, I’m sure, will have your own gluten free bread discovery horror stories, featuring teeny tiny crumbly slices reminiscent of dust. A few brands have now come to the table with impressive allergy-friendly sliced loaves but the market is somewhat lacking in fresh, artisan bread which you can slice yourself. Warburton’s own gluten free subsidiary Newburn Bakehouse has however answered the prayers of the allergy community and supplies most major supermarkets across the UK with this fresh, slice-able artisan loaf. It has an impressive rise for a gluten and milk free product and unlike many loaves from competitors, does not fall apart upon cutting, thus making it perfect for sandwiches. Go get yours from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or Tesco!

Gnocchi by Difatti

Where from? Difatti
Available Via Ocado and Amazon

For me, gnocchi is a way of life: moreish, satisfying, filling, and good with almost any sauce. Baked Gnocchi alla Sorrentina – oven cooked in a fresh tomato sauce with basil and mozzarella – was a staple dinner in my house until I realised I couldn’t eat gluten. Thankfully, Difatti does its best to produce free from Italian products that stay true to the real deal. After working my way through a few brands only available in Italy and Spain, I came across Difatti, which lucky for us UK residents is available online via Ocado and Amazon. This is the top gluten free and vegan gnocchi out there and passes the tests of taste, texture and variety with flying colours. Difatti offers plain, spinach, tomato and pumpkin and quinoa flavoured packs which are all delicious in their own right. Just be sure to time your gnocchi in the water to avoid overcooking. Go on and grab your packs now!