I’m Alexandra – journalist, food devotee, north-west London resident – and to tell you the truth, I thought the world had ended when I discovered I couldn’t eat gluten.

My body had told me this since the age of 15 but I ignored it, no matter how bad the symptoms. From skin problems to a permanently upset stomach, to headaches and hair loss, I continued to dismiss what I deep down knew was the root of my problem.

I gave in after a work trip to Italy, where I was so ill after eating that I missed meetings and deadlines – no pizza or pasta was worth that pain and upset. After medical advice and NINE gluten free years later, my skin is clear, my stomach happy, my headaches have gone and I have full healthy hair.


As someone who is literally sick and tired of getting unexpectedly “glutenated”, I’m here to help my fellow members of the gluten free community who want to relax when doing one of the best things in life: eating.

From a US/UK/Lat Am family, I seek out tested gluten free options wherever I am lucky enough to go in the world. The further you get from home the harder it gets, but the more worthwhile it is. Some of the best gluten free food I’ve ever eaten has been in the places I would least expect.

Nothing gets me more excited than a foreign supermarket filled with new gluten free treats. In fact, I have zero restraint and so on return come back through UK Customs with a suitcase packed to breaking, hence the title of my blog and Instagram account: The Gluten Free Suitcase.

I have been running this blog for a whole five years now and I really hope that it is accessible to everyone. London’s newest eateries, gluten free secrets from across the globe and more than anyone’s fair share of allergy-friendly supermarket aisles – I’ve got you covered!

Photo Credits: Chiara, Baci di Dama