Naked Souvlaki Box by The Athenian

Where From? The Athenian
Available at the London and Bristol Locations

Having to skip on the warm and fluffy pitta bread when tucking into Greek food is definitely a sad state of affairs. However, when you find Greek food that is so good there’s no real need for the bread, you’re winning, and that’s exactly what I found at The Athenian! This modern chain brings traditional Greek flavours to the street food scene and is very allergen aware. The Athenian states clearly on its menu that the “Naked Souvlaki” is naturally gluten free, which is a box of fresh Greek Salad with herbs and grilled meat skewers – perfect with an accompanying portion of halloumi cheese. The team will also change their gloves for you when prepping your meal if you request gluten free, to avoid cross contamination, and will withhold the fries, which are not gluten free as they are fried together with other gluten-containing items. Go check this place out – you have four London locations to choose from, including inside my local hotspot Tooting Market. The Athenian also has a Bristol location, so what are you waiting for?

Vegan Donuts by Borough 22

Where From? Borough 22
Available at Selfridges

Never did I think I would see a cereal flavoured donut that I could actually eat… Borough 22 is an entirely gluten free and vegan donut company, run by Ryan, who still bakes all of the goodies himself. The Cereal and Mylk flavour is the newest addition to the Borough 22 kitchen and is now available to purchase at Selfridges Food Hall in London, Birmingham and Manchester. The melt-in-the-mouth donuts are also available at other London outlets including The Broca Cafe, Plant Base Cafe and Unripe Banana.

Gluten Free Pasta by Mamma Flora

Where From? Mamma Flora
Available Directly Via the Company Website

Despite the wide range of gluten free pasta available on the market today, finding a brand that cooks properly and does not fall apart is still incredibly difficult. Cue Mamma Flora – an Italian start-up based in London and run by the wonderful Maria. Maria has worked hard with Italian farmers and manufacturers to create the perfect gluten free pasta recipe, which comes in three different traditional Amalfi coast varieties: Mezzi Paccheri, Casarecce and Gnocchetti Sardi. The texture is fantastic and perfect when mixed with some of Mamma Flora’s Sundried Tomato Pesto or Pumpkin Pesto – both of which are 100% gluten and dairy free. Order online via the company website and prepare to be wowed!

Cookie Dough by Whole Creations

Where From? Whole Creations
Available at Morrisons

Cookies are the ideal accompaniment for my daily 4pm cup of tea. Given that there are so many gluten free varieties available in various supermarkets nowadays, I sometimes panic over the choice. The wonderful team at Whole Creations however have the answer to all of my cookie-choosing problems with their new chilled and ready to bake cookie dough. This roll of goodness makes perfectly soft, home-style cookies in less 20 minutes (including prep time) and is even better when chocolate chips are added! This cookie dough isn’t available everywhere (and is temporarily unavailable online), but head to a decent-sized Morrisons and it should be waiting for you in the chilled, free-from section.

Sweetcorn & Pumpkin Waffles by Raw Press

Where From? Raw Press
Available Temporarily in Selfridges Food Hall

As a massive fan of savoury waffles, I was over the moon to come across juice specialist Raw Press, who cater for gluten free with a number of delicious toppings. Customers can opt for the sweetcorn and pumpkin waffle with turmeric, smashed avocado and cashew ‘sour cream’ or a Moroccan waffle featuring a fragrant carrot salad, hummus, dates and more! Those with a sweet tooth can try the blueberry maple waffle or an Açaí Bowl for a healthy breakfast boost. This 100% vegan company is also entirely gluten free and so there is no cross-contamination risk. These guys will be hosting a pop-up at Selfridges Food Hall until February 4 so get on down and feed that craving! Permanent stores are in Mayfair and Chelsea.

Super Oat Flapjack Mix by Sweetpea Pantry

Where From? Sweetpea Pantry
Available Online at Not on the High Street and Ocado

Gone are the days that gluten free products jam-packed with refined sugar and other nasties can go unnoticed. As awareness within the gluten free community grows, so does our need to find alternatives that not only are healthier but actually tasty. Baking mixes are often guilty of containing hundreds of unidentifiable ingredients and this is where Sweetpea Pantry have found a gap in the market! This lovely company founded by international foodies Philippa and Tanya, has a range of dry, gluten free mixes which are all blended and require the simple addition of two to three ingredients before baking. My favourite is the Super Oat Flapjack Mix, which is packed with oats, quinoa and flax, and can also be vegan. Delicious and hassle free, these treats are a must-buy when you’re shopping at Not on the High Street or Ocado!