Super Oat Flapjack Mix by Sweetpea Pantry

Where From? Sweetpea Pantry
Available Online at Not on the High Street and Ocado

Gone are the days that gluten free products jam-packed with refined sugar and other nasties can go unnoticed. As awareness within the gluten free community grows, so does our need to find alternatives that not only are healthier but actually tasty. Baking mixes are often guilty of containing hundreds of unidentifiable ingredients and this is where Sweetpea Pantry have found a gap in the market! This lovely company founded by international foodies Philippa and Tanya, has a range of dry, gluten free mixes which are all blended and require the simple addition of two to three ingredients before baking. My favourite is the Super Oat Flapjack Mix, which is packed with oats, quinoa and flax, and can also be vegan. Delicious and hassle free, these treats are a must-buy when you’re shopping at Not on the High Street or Ocado!

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