Snack Bars by Kind

Where From? Kind Snacks
Available Across the UK and US, in Stores Including Wholefoods

I am not a traditional snack or cereal bar fan. I often think either go big and have a chocolate bar or avoid the snacking urge all together. Now however, I am changing my ways and all because of these amazing new bars from Kind Snacks! These delicious 100% gluten free nut-based bars come in a variety of flavours and contain all natural [pronounceable] ingredients with no hidden nasties. The selection is split into two categories: Nuts & Spices and Fruit & Nut, with a round-up on the packaging of each bar detailing its percentage of nuts, fruit and protein. My favourite already is Caramel Almond & Sea Salt: a sweet and salty combination of caramel and sea salt drizzled over whole almonds, all bound together with honey. Available in Whole Foods Market in both the US and UK. You’ll also find them in stores including Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose. Go stock up!

Pancake Mix by Bisquick

Where From? Bisquick
Available at Selected US Supermarkets and Online

Growing up with an American mom meant that pancake breakfasts on the weekend were a given. Since I was little, Bisquick was always our household-preferred brand and something we would stock up on when going back to the US on vacation. When I found out I couldn’t eat gluten, I thankfully did not have to leave Bisquick behind as the General Mills-owned brand soon introduced a gluten free alternative. Despite removing wheat flour, Bisquick has by no means lost its original flavour. All pancakes made with this mix turn out fluffy and even lighter than before, which is no bad thing given their moreish nature! So, be sure to pack your bags with this wondrous mix when you’re on your way home – it can also be used for gluten free waffles and batter for fried chicken and fish. Available in major stores including Target, Publix, Hannaford, Walmart and online through retailers including Amazon and Ebay.

Hamburger and Fries by McDonald’s

Where From? McDonald’s
Available in Several Countries Across Europe

Yes you read correctly! Your dreams of returning to the once much-loved and incredibly indulgent historical fast food chain can now become a reality! As all gluten free orders come clearly marked and are prepared at separate food stations, I always delight in purchasing a Quarter Pounder Meal with Cheese whenever in Spain or the Netherlands. The gluten free bun is also offered in stores across Italy, Portugal, Norway and Sweden so if the craving hits you can safely give in. Be sure to ask in store which burger flavours can be prepared gluten free. Well done McDonald’s!

Breadsticks by Gerblé

Where From? Gerblé
Available in Supermarkets Across Spain and France

When you can’t eat gluten, breadsticks are one of those obvious snacks you will have to say goodbye to. Most of the larger supermarkets across Europe and the US now offer store-brand gluten free breadsticks but they do not match these Palitos al Punto de Sal from Gerblé. I found these at a Caprabo supermarket in Barcelona and subsequently saw them at stores including El Corte Ingles and Carrefour. These super crunchy gluten free treats are more substantial than your average breadstick and are sprinkled with rock sea salt. They are perfect with hummus or even by themselves. Go get yours (and be sure to pick up more than one box!)

Water Crackers by The Fine Cheese Co.

Where From? The Fine Cheese Company
Available at As Nature Intended and Online

As a massive cheese-and-cracker fan, my quest to find the ultimate gluten free water biscuit has been a long and tiresome one. While a lot of the bigger brands have a decent cracker offering, including the likes of Schar, Glutino and even Nairns, no one has come close to the original Carr’s Table Water Biscuits I used to love so much. That was until I found these delights from The Fine Cheese Company in organic high-street supermarket As Nature Intended. They are perfectly textured, flavoured and even larger than I remember – a win win win!

Gluten Free Beer by Damm

Where From? Damm Brewery, Barcelona
Available in Tesco and Waitrose

Thankfully for beer lovers in the gluten free community, the availability and selection of coeliac-friendly beers has shot up. I still maintain that Daura Damm, brewed by Damm (the team behind Spain’s Estrella beer) is the tastiest option out there. Considered the world’s first gluten free beer, Daura Damm, luckily for Londoners, is now available in major supermarkets and in pubs and restaurant chains, including Honest Burgers. Salud!