Pancake Mix by Bisquick

Where From? Bisquick
Available at Selected US Supermarkets and Online

Growing up with an American mom meant that pancake breakfasts on the weekend were a given. Since I was little, Bisquick was always our household-preferred brand and something we would stock up on when going back to the US on vacation. When I found out I couldn’t eat gluten, I thankfully did not have to leave Bisquick behind as the General Mills-owned brand soon introduced a gluten free alternative. Despite removing wheat flour, Bisquick has by no means lost its original flavour. All pancakes made with this mix turn out fluffy and even lighter than before, which is no bad thing given their moreish nature! So, be sure to pack your bags with this wondrous mix when you’re on your way home – it can also be used for gluten free waffles and batter for fried chicken and fish. Available in major stores including Target, Publix, Hannaford, Walmart and online through retailers including Amazon and Ebay.

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