Pão de Queijo by Dona Rita

Where From? Dona Rita
At Pop-Ups and Markets in London

Even before I discovered I couldn’t eat gluten, I was obsessed with this naturally gluten free cheesy snack. Hailing from Brazil, pão de queijo is crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside – all in all the perfect food on the go or meal accompaniment. Rita from Dona Rita makes these delicious morsels fresh and sells them at locations including Druid Street Market and Old Street Station (until May 21). Go get yours hot out the oven or in ready frozen packs to store and heat up when cravings attack!

Sausage Roll by The Artisan Gluten Free Bakery

Where From? The Artisan Gluten Free Bakery
On Upper Street and at Markets across London

The Brit in me often craves a hearty, well-seasoned sausage roll, covered in flaky, buttery pastry. A lot of brands have tried their hand at a gluten free version but The Artisan Gluten Free Bakery does it best. The roll is a generous size and perfect eaten either hot or cold on the day of purchase. It’s an ideal snack or light meal served with a salad and a dipping sauce. Find this bakery on Upper Street in Islington, where you’ll be tempted by a plethora of other goodies, including bread and pastries. I bumped into the team in April at the Gluten Free Street Food Fair at Limehouse in East London, so keep your eyes peeled for them at more events!

The Artisan Gluten Free Bakery is located in Islington
167 Upper Street
London N1 1US

Gluten Free Ranger by Pieminster

Where From? Pieminster
Available at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose

Pies are one of those items that anyone newly diagnosed or told by the doctor to leave gluten behind thinks they will never taste again. Well, you’re wrong! After years of sampling, I’ve finally come across what I believe to be the best gluten free pie out there and it is made by Pieminster. This chicken, ham hock, leek and thyme pie is topped with some of the best gluten free pastry around, which is flaky but doesn’t fall apart upon cutting (a rarity in the gluten free baking department!). The pie filling is generous, with a perfect sauce to meat ratio. While Pieminster does two more gluten free flavours, this one is my favourite. Check for deals instore or online at Ocado – you’ll want to stock up!

Arancini by Coori

Arancini by Coori
Where From? Selfridges Food Hall

This delectable treat from Coori Free From is without a doubt the finest Arancini (gluten-free or not) that I have ever tried. Choose your flavour from a selection of traditional (with meat sauce), vegetarian, chicken and anchovy, all stuffed with mozzarella to boot. Eat there, warmed up or take away and serve with a green salad for the perfect snack.

Coori Free From is located within the Selfridges Food Hall
400 Oxford Street
London W1A 1AB

Stroopwafels by Albert Heijn

Where From? Albert Heijn Stores
Across the Netherlands

In the past these waffle cookies have been hard to locate in a me-friendly form. However, the wonderful Albert Heijn supermarket chain has made its own brand gluten-free version of this traditional Dutch biscuit widely available. This biscuit has the perfect crunchy texture and is held together by wonderfully chewy caramel. No one will be able to tell it’s coeliac-friendly!

Ken’s Steak House Ranch

Where From? Major Supermarkets Including Target
Across the US

If you’re a die-hard ranch dressing fan, who thought that eating it again after discovering gluten was a no-go… Then this post is for you! A lot of ranch dressings contain hidden wheat flour or barley, but not Ken’s Steak House Ranch. Definitely the creamiest and tangiest store-bought ranch out there with a certified 100% gluten free stamp of approval on the packaging. Another one for the The Gluten Free Suitcase and definitely worth stocking up on when you’re travelling back from the US!