Gluten Free Ranger by Pieminster

Where From? Pieminster
Available at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose

Pies are one of those items that anyone newly diagnosed or told by the doctor to leave gluten behind thinks they will never taste again. Well, you’re wrong! After years of sampling, I’ve finally come across what I believe to be the best gluten free pie out there and it is made by Pieminster. This chicken, ham hock, leek and thyme pie is topped with some of the best gluten free pastry around, which is flaky but doesn’t fall apart upon cutting (a rarity in the gluten free baking department!). The pie filling is generous, with a perfect sauce to meat ratio. While Pieminster does two more gluten free flavours, this one is my favourite. Check for deals instore or online at Ocado – you’ll want to stock up!

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