Instant Porridge Pots by MOMA

Where From? MOMA Foods
Available in Waitrose, Sainsburys, Tesco and Wholefoods

Porridge has always been a winning breakfast option in my eyes. It is filling, healthy and even easier to make with the vast selection of instant sachets and packets available on the market. Alas, when I became gluten free, eating porridge became trickier as despite not containing gluten themselves, regular porridge oats traditionally come rolled in wheat flour. Thanks to MOMA Foods however, I have found a healthy and safe way to eat porridge on the go. As well as being gluten free, there are both dairy free and refined sugar free options as well. The pots come in six different flavours: plain, coconut and chia, apple and cinnamon, golden syrup, cranberry and raisin and my absolute protein-packed favourite: super seed, which is crammed with pumpkin, linseed and chia. Just follow the simple instructions on the side and away you go! You can purchase these wonder pots at most major supermarkets in the UK as well as in Whole Foods, Boots and aboard the Eurostar, Virgin East Coast Trains and Easy Jet flights.

Mommi: 100% Gluten Free Japanese Peruvian Dining at its Finest

One should never take the food scene in London for granted. It is eclectic, vibrant, quirky and often indulgent which makes it all the more exciting. Since realising I could not eat gluten, I feared at first what this would mean for my relationship with London’s eateries but thanks to restaurants like Mommi, which has just received accreditation from Coeliac UK, my faith is constantly being restored.

Mommi – a Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant – first opened its doors on Clapham High Street in South West London in 2015. I grew up and continue to live South of the river, so this location could not have been more dreamy for myself or the wonderful South London entourage of gluten free bloggers I ate with. The restaurant has a mixture of seating options from high to low tables, and an aesthetically pleasing bar complete with elegant high stools – perfect for views of the cocktail making process. Upon arrival we were seated at one of the classic round booth-style tables which line the back wall of Mommi. We all began with a BrewDog Vagabond Pale Ale after immediately spotting it on the menu with a large GF next to it – something you will not see on the main menu given all food at Mommi is now 100% gluten free. The restaurant went from a 75% gluten free menu when it launched to a no gluten zone exactly one year later: no small feat for an eatery or cuisine that historically used a lot of soy in its sauces. “The substitution process of this for Tamari really took some time to ensure there was no flavor compromise,” a Mommi spokesperson explained.


To accompany our beers, we ordered one of each appetiser after deciding we simply could not leave any out. The steamed edamame, which comes salty or spicy depending on preference, flash-fried Padron peppers with crushed sea salt and corn and lime tortillas served with smashed avocado, and a picante fresh cheese dip were the perfect start to our evening of indulgence and gave us fuel to peruse the rest of the menu. It is hard to not be shocked when presented with the menu at Mommi given the extensive list of choices, but the helpful, dynamic staff are always at the ready to answer questions or make suggestions. After much discussion, our waiter advised us to choose one of the set menu options on the menu, which is made up of sharing plates – seven to be exact. We opted for the Fuji Set Menu between three of us, and were advised to choose two more dishes to accompany it. The staff were incredibly accommodating and happily served our friend currently sticking to a Fod Map diet dishes from the delicious weekend brunch menu.


Once the feast started to arrive, we realised just how fresh the ingredients used by Mommi are. The plates were by no means small either, which was a pleasant surprise after years of frequenting London tapas bars and having to eat a large number of plates in order to feel sufficiently fed. We started with the Mixed Chirashi Sushi – a bowl full of tuna, salmon, seabass and tobiko which comes on a bed of seasoned sushi rice, topped with house tartare sauce. Alongside this rainbow-like bowl we had a platter of flame seared tuna tataki which was served with onion ponzu, warm heirloom tomatoes, hazelnuts and drizzled in truffle oil. Our fresh fish choices were by no means “traditional” – I would call them sushi with a twist and also an opportunity for me to not embarrass myself with my inefficient chopstick skills, given the fish and rice came unassembled in a bowl and laid out on fresh vegetables.

Before we could recover from our tantalising first courses, the warm Yakitori salmon with lime butter sauce, black sesame seeds and coriander cress arrived, followed swiftly by lamb cutlets Yakitori, with green tea miso, aji lomo, coriander and salsa ocopa. Both were piping hot and perfectly seasoned. Having never been a huge fan of lamb, I surprised myself when I selected the cutlets as my top dish of the night: perfectly grilled on the outside and wonderfully moist on the inside. Three of us munched away happily on our set menu and delicious traditional Peruvian Pisco Sours cocktails, whilst our fourth diner plunged into Fod Map heaven, with a plate of perfectly poached eggs atop crusty gluten free toast with smashed avocado and a generous helping of oak smoked salmon on the side.


By now we were full but simply could not say no to what awaited us. Mommi’s new and highly celebrated chicken pachamanca dish came atop sweet potato, giant peruvian corn and Rocoto peppers, wish a quinoa lime picante sauce. The braised sticky short rib of beef arrived simultaneously which could easily serve as a main dish alone for anyone wanting to invest in a single plate from the a la carte menu. It was upon tucking into these two meat options that that we realised we might just have overdone it. We ploughed on though, with no complaints as the golden dish – Nikkei tempura fish and cassava chips – arrived. The fish was flaky and wrapped in a light, crunchy batter – offset perfectly by the wasabi mayo on the side for dipping. I took one for the team and polished off the cassava chips – a delicacy I indulged in almost every day on recent trips to Cuba and Colombia where cassava or yuca act as the main starch in homes and on restaurant menus.


For all our efforts, we still could not say no to dessert, given the rather unusual and exciting situation we found ourselves in, with no sweet option off limits. We selected the passion fruit cheesecake, which was served in a petit mason jar and topped with buttery cookie crumble so good that it was hard to believe it was gluten free.

Overall, our night at Mommi could not have been better. The impeccable service means you will never go hungry nor wonder where your next course is, and nor will you fret about allergens – something which can never be underestimated when dining out. The kitchen and front of house staff went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and I am already enthusiastically awaiting my next visit, when I will indulge in a weekend bottomless brunch. This three course feast served on Saturday and Sunday is a bargain at £32.50 per person, complete with unlimited prosecco or sparkling rose. If you prefer an evening affair, step inside Mommi on a Friday or Saturday night, where you can go straight from dinner to the dance floor with DJs playing Latin tunes until the small hours.

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44-48 Clapham High Street
London SW4 7UR
Tel: 020 3814 1818
(Tables bookable via the restaurant website, bookatable or opentable)

Lobster Roll by Luke’s Lobster

Where From? Luke’s Lobster
Available in all Locations Across the US

Some of my fondest childhood memories were made in Maine, where summers were long and full of donuts, hot dogs and above all lobster. Maine lobster is thought to be the best in the world, and I truly believe it. While lobster is naturally gluten free and therefore something I never had to miss out on, the famous lunchtime lobster roll sadly is not. Our first stop in Boston this summer was Luke’s Lobster – a family restaurant chain which is gluten free friendly. Not only do they offer a gluten free bun in all of their US locations, but gluten free New England Chowder too! With a clearly marked, allergen-friendly menu, it’s hard to go wrong. I ordered the classic roll which was jam packed with flavourful, fresh lobster meat in a traditional creamy dressing. While quite steep at just under $20 a roll, you won’t regret ordering it. Luke’s Lobster has multiple locations in 10 states including Maine, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Spinach and Cheese Ravioli by Conte’s Pasta

Where From? Conte’s Pasta
Available at Hannaford Stores and Selected Independent US Grocers

Over the past six years I’ve seen the gluten free pasta market explode. Now in nearly every supermarket I venture into in the US or UK, dry pasta is available in a me-friendly form and 9 times out of 10 it’s pretty decent. Stuffed pasta however still remains hard to come by. I was over the moon to stumble across Conte’s Spinach and Cheese Ravioli in the freezer section of our local Hannaford Supermarket in Maine. Not only did the pasta not fall apart upon boiling, it was generously stuffed with the cheese and vegetable combination which was fresh and perfectly seasoned. I served up this tasty dish with some creamy vodka sauce but the ravioli is tasty enough to eat tossed in cacio e pepe (freshly ground pepper and cheese). You can find this flavour and several others in Conte’s gluten free range in most Hannaford supermarkets across New England, as well as in New York stores including Westerly Health Foods and A Matter of Health. California people – head on down to Bristol Farms for your fix!

River House: Portsmouth’s Best Kept Gluten Free Secret

With only one night and a day to spend in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on our recent East Coast road trip, there was no time to spare. This charming port city, located on the Piscataqua River, is home to a huge amount of delectable New England-style eateries with perfect water views. I had chosen most of our eat-stops before arriving in town (as we gluten freers do), picking places recommended by family and friends or even restaurants I had been to in the past and fallen in love with.

Thankfully however, my planning went awry and on our final afternoon we realised we had no lunch plans. Hungry and thirsty, we made our way down Bow Street, just north of Tugboat Alley, where a number of gluten free favourites are located, including Martingale Wharf. We soon came across a laid back pub meets waterfront restaurant: River House. I squealed as I glanced inside and realised this was none other than the gluten free seafood haven I had seen across various social media accounts of the wonderful clan of New England gluten free bloggers.

We took a seat at the bar where we had the best of both worlds: close proximity to drinks and staff recommendations and yet still in view of the water which peeped at us through the doorway leading to the main deck. Immediately upon stating I was gluten free, I was handed a hefty gluten free menu. As all gluten freers know, most gluten free menus cannot boast ample options for all three courses. River House is one of the few exceptions to the rule with a decent selection of appetizers, main courses and desserts for its celiac and gluten free customers.

FullSizeRender (27)

The choice was a no-brainer for me as soon as I saw New England Clam Chowder on the menu. Clam Chowder is a thick, hearty white soup, full of fresh local clams and other seafood, dependent on the time of year or what is fresh that day. It most always calls for thickening, and while more and more places are starting to offer a celiac-friendly version, the majority of seafood restaurants on the coast will still use wheat flour for this very purpose. Thanks to River House, I was able to be transported back to summers in Maine and Massachusetts as a child, when I practically drowned myself in this yummy starter any chance I could get. The clams were fresh, the flavour rich and the gluten free flour mix did not change the flavour as I remembered it in the slightest.

What is even more special about River House is that it has a dedicated gluten free fryer. Again, this is an exception in New England – a part of the world where fried clams, calamari, haddock and now even lobster, dominate the menu. The choices were limitless, with items such as fried shrimp, lobster rolls, seafood ceasar salads and more. I had, however at this stage, already indulged in a hefty bowl of fresh seafood goodness and so opted for the fried chicken tenderloins. Again, a nostalgic choice. I always wondered when I was little why in my mom’s part of the world, the chicken nuggets were actually chicken strips and not round, frequently leading me to opt for them because they were “better than in the UK.”

FullSizeRender (28)

The small chicken tender plate I ordered was of course, by no means small – this is the US after all. What appeared to be small to medium sized breasts of chicken breaded in a flavourful and crispy batter were put down in front of me, with a side of homemade ranch dressing for dipping. Thinking back on this afternoon, I do not think I could have been happier if I even tried. My boyfriend too, happily munched away on his mega hamburger, which also could have been an option for me as River House, of course, provides gluten free hamburger buns. The fact that neither of us had room to indulge in one of several gluten free desserts (I had heard that Barbara’s Gluten Free Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae was a winner) will come as no surprise to those reading this review.


Our lunch experience that afternoon was blissful, with a large number of helpful staff at the ready, willing and able to answer any allergen-related questions customers may have. However, with things spelled out so plainly and simply in the form of a gluten free menu, dedicated gluten free cooking equipment and spaces, I for once, had to scratch my head to find questions to ask aside from “what is the best thing you have?”

River House
53 Bow Street
Portsmouth, NH
(Call 1-603-431-2600 for enquiries)



Breakfast Sandwich by Starbucks

Where From? Starbucks
Available in Stores Across the US

Gluten free breakfast on the go can be one of the trickiest meals of the day. For this reason, it’s usually a meal I eat at home, at my desk or at a sit-down restaurant when I’m feeling fancy or on vacation. However, thanks to Starbucks in the US, I can now grab a certified gluten free Smoked Canadian Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich for the road. This flavourful pocket of goodness comes on a gluten free English Muffin and is cooked in its own bag to avoid cross contamination in stores. I have seen all the hype on social media since the launch of this sandwich in March and now I totally get it. While these sandwiches are available in most Starbucks stores across the US, the Seattle coffee company has yet to up its game in the majority of its airport outlets across the US. Here’s hoping one day you can grab one with your iced coffee while running to catch your plane!