Lobster Roll by Luke’s Lobster

Where From? Luke’s Lobster
Available in all Locations Across the US

Some of my fondest childhood memories were made in Maine, where summers were long and full of donuts, hot dogs and above all lobster. Maine lobster is thought to be the best in the world, and I truly believe it. While lobster is naturally gluten free and therefore something I never had to miss out on, the famous lunchtime lobster roll sadly is not. Our first stop in Boston this summer was Luke’s Lobster – a family restaurant chain which is gluten free friendly. Not only do they offer a gluten free bun in all of their US locations, but gluten free New England Chowder too! With a clearly marked, allergen-friendly menu, it’s hard to go wrong. I ordered the classic roll which was jam packed with flavourful, fresh lobster meat in a traditional creamy dressing. While quite steep at just under $20 a roll, you won’t regret ordering it. Luke’s Lobster has multiple locations in 10 states including Maine, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida.

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