Instant Porridge Pots by MOMA

Where From? MOMA Foods
Available in Waitrose, Sainsburys, Tesco and Wholefoods

Porridge has always been a winning breakfast option in my eyes. It is filling, healthy and even easier to make with the vast selection of instant sachets and packets available on the market. Alas, when I became gluten free, eating porridge became trickier as despite not containing gluten themselves, regular porridge oats traditionally come rolled in wheat flour. Thanks to MOMA Foods however, I have found a healthy and safe way to eat porridge on the go. As well as being gluten free, there are both dairy free and refined sugar free options as well. The pots come in six different flavours: plain, coconut and chia, apple and cinnamon, golden syrup, cranberry and raisin and my absolute protein-packed favourite: super seed, which is crammed with pumpkin, linseed and chia. Just follow the simple instructions on the side and away you go! You can purchase these wonder pots at most major supermarkets in the UK as well as in Whole Foods, Boots and aboard the Eurostar, Virgin East Coast Trains and Easy Jet flights.

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