Pizza by Mamma Dough

Where From? Bocconcini Bakery
Available at all Mamma Dough Restaurants

I have been a lover of Mamma Dough – a small South London pizza restaurant chain – for a while now. Their simplistic, fresh ingredients make perfect toppings for their scrumptious bases, none of which will ever make you feel as if you’re eating gluten free. Mamma Dough recently switched suppliers and now uses gluten free bases from north London producer Bocconcini Bakery at all of its three locations. You will pay a £2.50 supplement to eat gluten free, but you will not be disappointed. They are light, flavourful and perfect when well done and extra crispy. Word of warning: call ahead if you are planning a trip to Mamma Dough to reserve your base – these sell out fast! Mamma Dough has three London locations in Brixton, Peckham and Honor Oak Park.

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