Mint Slims by Goodie Girl Cookies

Where From? Goodie Girl Cookies
Available in Supermarkets Across the US and in Starbucks

Back in the gluten days, one of the best times of year for me was undoubtedly Girl Scout Cookie season. I have fond [and somewhat stressful] memories of driving around Columbia, South Carolina when I was at school desperately trying to find stands selling these cookies. There is no denying however, that these delectable cookies were made all the more moreish by the fact that they were not available year-round! It has taken the Girl Scouts a long time to develop a gluten free alternative but Goodie Girl Cookies – an entirely gluten free cookie company – has hit the US by storm and sells seven varieties of their melt-in-the-mouth Girl Scout replica cookie boxes in supermarkets including Walmart, Whole Foods and Stop & Shop as well as online. Now you can also grab a small handy packet of Mint Slims at major coffee stores including Starbucks. And yes folks, they’re available ALL YEAR LONG!

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