Serrano Sandwich by Joe & The Juice

Where From? Joe & The Juice
Available in All London Branches

Not being able to eat gluten can often be inconvenient, especially when trying to source food on-the-go. With more and more shops starting to offer a gluten free alternative to the standard ham and cheese or BLT, I’ve been doing a fair bit of taste-testing. I was very pleased to hear a new local branch of the Danish chain Joe & The Juice offers all of its sandwiches on toasted gluten free sandwich thins. After a disappointing first taste of their turkey option, I was delighted to chow down on the deliciously satisfying Serrano Ham Sandwich, featuring the Spanish ham alongside mozzarella, avocado, tomato and pesto. I swapped my tomato for spinach to boost my morning greens and it was a perfect way to start the day, made extra moreish by the generous pesto dressing. The gluten free sandwiches are prepped on a separate board to avoid cross contamination and while pricey at over £6 a pop, this is definitely an option for that emergency breakfast/lunchtime panic!

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