Chocoful by Prewetts Biscuits

Where From? Prewetts
Available in UK Supermarkets Including Waitrose and Morrisons

Who reading this in the UK remembers Rocky Bars from back in the gluten days? I have fond memories of opening my lunchbox at school to find that my mom had packed me off with one of those red-wrappered rich buttery milk chocolate biscuit bars, my only criticism of which would be that they were too small! While a lot of shops have had a go at creating a gluten free chocolate biscuit bar, nothing has come close to the Chocoful bar by Prewetts Biscuits, which I picked up in Waitrose. Also available in Morrisons, and smaller independent shops across the country, these are the perfect answer to that late afternoon sugar craving I know so many of us get! You would not know that the biscuit base is gluten free as it is totally lacking that all too familiar dust taste so many of us gluten free people know! Warning: they are addictive, and I would be lying if I said I did not eat two or more in one go!

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