Mozzarella and Pomodoro Panzerottini by Schar Bontà d’Italia

Where From? Bontà D’Italia by Schar
Available in supermarkets across Italy and Spain

Living in Argentina for several years back in the gluten days certainly got me hooked on most starches but empanadas were right at the top of the list. The amazing hot savoury doughy pockets filled with steak, chicken, ham and cheese and other combinations were mostly out of reach for me until I found the next best thing from Schar’s Bontà D’Italia range. These pastry half moons come frozen in packets of four and are stuffed with a flavourful tomato sauce and mozzarella which produces a top notch cheese pull when fresh out of the oven. I have found these in supermarkets in both Italy (Conad) and Spain (Carrefour) and strongly recommend you try them! My only advice would be to avoid the toaster and bake at the recommended oven temperature until they are golden brown on either side, turning multiple times. In my experience they have taken up to 35 minutes for the perfect texture, which is a lot longer than the packet suggests. Bon Appétit!

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