Eighty Ate Burger: Fast Food Heaven in Surrey

If there is one type of food that the UK is not lacking, it is the hamburger. For years, while I eagerly awaited the arrival of a decent gluten free hamburger bun, I would order a naked burger and be only partially satisfied. Now, thanks to a few chains in the UK, a gluten free bun is a reality but the bread is not always on point and is often crumbly and dry.

This is not the case, I am pleased to say, at Eighty Ate Burger – an independent hamburger eatery in Reigate, Surrey. Located on the high street, this modest and bright restaurant has been serving classic and more creative hamburgers to the public since January 2017. Since the very beginning, Eighty Ate has catered to gluten free, vegetarian and vegan diners and its efforts deserve to be shouted about.


I went for dinner there recently with my wonderful friend Kirstine after she brought to my attention that an incredibly “me-friendly” restaurant was located a mere five minutes away from her new home. We were waited on by the manager herself, who explained that a number of burgers were available to me on a fresh gluten free bun, including all vegan and vegetarian options.


While the Camembert veggie burger sounded like a fantastic call, I opted for a Crispy Bacon Avocado burger: a mashed avocado topped beef patty with paprika, crispy bacon melted cheese and buttered watercress, cooked medium rare. The manager told me before ordering that while the patties have no gluten containing ingredients, they are made offsite in a facility where other non gluten free foods are also processed. This is something for anyone reading to take into consideration before ordering but I suffered no side effects from eating here whatsoever. The chicken burger, however, is guaranteed gluten free.

I had only read good things about gluten free experiences at Eighty Ate and am happy to say the meal, service and awareness of allergies made the outing incredibly easy and enjoyable. My burger arrived on a perfectly soft and non-crumbly hamburger bun, accompanied by an order of 100% gluten free, crispy french fries. We, unsurprisingly, could not resist ordering a sweet potato nest on the side: a mound of caramelised sweet potato shoestring fries.


Eighty Ate Burger boasts a long list of milkshakes and hard milkshakes for dessert or to accompany your meal. To round off the night, the manager prepared me a gluten and dairy free almond and vanilla milkshake which was creamy and refreshing. The perfect end to a lovely evening at a restaurant I will definitely be visiting again next time I am in Reigate.


Eighty Ate Burger
88 High Street
Reigate RH2 9AP
Tel: 01737 233888
(Tables bookable over the phone)

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  1. Hi just to say I have made gf shortcrust successfully with gf self raising flour- 8 oz farmhouse butter -4oz ,1 egg and enough water to bind . Because there is no gluten the pastry never goes tough! A little crumbly to work with but lovely and short when cooked . And your quiche looked lovely on instagram 😊

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